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Join Capita Productions

Requirements for Auditions

Capita Productions is an annual theatre company that showcases the African American journey from Africa to America. We are looking for talented actors who can bring our stories to life on stage. Auditions will be held in person and require a prepared monologue. Please review the audition requirements before submitting your application.

Audition Tips

Preparing for an audition can be nerve-wracking. Here are a few tips to help you succeed: 1) Practice your monologue until you can recite it without looking at the script. 2) Dress professionally and make a good first impression. 3) Be confident and authentic in your performance.

Recruitment Awareness

Capita Productions is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes actors of all backgrounds to audition for our shows. We believe that diversity and representation are important in the arts and strive to create inclusive productions.

Photo Submissions

Please submit your headshot and resume for review by sending them to:

Upcoming Auditions

Stay tuned for information about upcoming auditions for Capita Productions. We will be holding open calls in various cities throughout the year.

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